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Laurie Peel

Laurie Peel

Discipline(s): Touch for Health™


Phone: 9053896607
City: Hamilton
Province: Ontario
Country: Canada


Laurie is passionate about people feeling comfortable in the body they're living in. Using Touch for Health and other bio-energetic techniques she assists people in restoring their strength, flexibility and range of motion so they can enjoy moving their body. And as an Energy Boost Self-Care Facilitator Laurie teaches people how to use simple techniques to increase their vitality and zest for life! Proficient in Touch For Health, Laurie includes emotional release and stress relief techniques to address wellness on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Laurie approaches this work with the deepest respect of the wisdom that tells us: our body responds to the environment around us; it knows how to self-regulate and self-heal; every part of our body is connected; its structure and function are inter-related and cannot be separated; and we are a combination of body, mind and spirit.


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