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Workshops & Webinars

Workshops & Webinars

Social Media Rally

Date: 18 Nov, 2021
Presenter: Denise Cambiotti

Would you like to gain 3X-25X increase visibility on your social media platform with the minimum amount of time?

What's required? Show up at our event with a link to content you wish to show the world. Paste it in the chat box. Take the rest of the hour to click on everyone else's link and interact with them. Love their posts and make thoughtful comments or ask questions to get the algorithm bots to notice something's happening! Right after the event and for the remainder of the week be sure to respond to all the engagements you are receiving to maximize your results.
Repeat monthly and you will notice your statistics will positively increase on your subsequent posts too!
It's easy. We'll send more details when you register.

Let’s cheer each other as wellness providers in our unique community and 🎶LET'S GET VISIBLE!🎶
We welcome friends from across Canada and around the Globe to be a part of this special initiative.

Creating Connections: $0.00
Supporting CanBeWell: $20.00