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Workshops & Webinars

Workshops & Webinars

Touch for Health with Greg Webb

Date: 20 Oct, 2022
Presenter: Greg Webb

Greg Webb's long-time career with BioFeedback and Muscle Monitoring has been shared in our CanBeWell community for over 3 decades. A Touch for Health Instructor and Assessor, Greg has had his hands on the pulse of Touch for Health knowledge and shared it with many of us through this organization and his workshops. Celebrating 25 years on the CanBeWell board, Greg is going to share his knowledge of the Complete Edition of Touch for Health and the power of the tools. For those who may use a different textbook to teach or learn Touch for Health, there is a wealth of knowledge within the original textbook which lends to the importance of community, awareness, and biofeedback. Join us as Greg shares his knowledge and experiences.

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