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Workshops & Webinars

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Date: 27 Apr, 2023
Presenter: Sandra Jenvey

Our ambition for 2023 at CanBeWell is to help nourish and grow our professional community through collaborative projects. We have had some amazing publications, summits, workshops and social media rally experiences in the last few years, and we want to expand these amazing ways to help us reach more of the public and support their self-care and well-being plans. Our Community Chats program provides a place for our members to gather and chat about the latest happenings and to reach out for assistance with their goals and initiatives. Are you ready for a cup of tea and a good chat? Please join us. The zoom link is in the member monthly newsletter, as well as will be in your inbox the day before the event. Block your calendar today and join us!

We are grateful to Sandra Jenvey for volunteering to head up this new season with her fantastic spirit!

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