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Workshops & Webinars

Music and Movement for World Mental Health Day

Date: 5 Oct, 2023
Presenter: Michelle Greenwell

Celebrating World Mental Health Day, join Dr. Michelle Greenwell, and guest musician, Colin MacLeod, as they share the power of music to energize and release tension in the body, mind, and spirit. This experiential session will bring a boost to your day, and a spring into your step.

Michelle will be sharing her dissertation focus on awareness and the spine. She will share some simple exercises you can use with clients and students to help them realize the level of stress being experienced by the body. Through specific exercises, she will explore the spine, meridian, muscle, emotion, and frequency relationship that exists and how the addition of movement and music can release tension, and stuck emotions and transform the mental and emotional experience.

Colin MacLeod has been supporting Michelle's Movement Made Easy class, as well as her podcast over the last year and together they have experienced the instant transformation that can happen with the addition of intentional music with the movement. Your experience with this event will provide you with empowering new ideas and tools to share.

To register go to:, the event is FREE, and recordings are available to IASK members.

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