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Workshops & Webinars

Honouring Greg Webb's Passion for Wellness

Date: 20 Feb, 2024
Presenter: CanBeWell

This is a night of celebration for the amazing talents we have in our community. From 7 - 9 pm Eastern we will have a full program for learning, growing and sharing.

Akamai University President, Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, will be on hand to help us honour the contributions of Greg Webb to CanASK, CanBeWell and the global BioEnergetic Wellness community with a posthumous honorary doctoral degree. We will also be honouring those who have achieved the status of BioEnergetic Wellness Professional through our Standards of Practice program. We have special guests to share some of Greg's favourite tools, and some specially selected protocols that you can add to your own toolbox. It will be a night of celebration and learning.

In order to offer such an amazing gift to Greg and his family, we will be taking donations to give back to Akamai University to honour his degree. Thank you for your consideration in your donation to advance the possible learning that others can do at the university to advance the opportunities of BioEnergetic Wellness.

A Zoom link for the event will be sent out the day before the event for those registered. We invite you to celebrate with your colleagues, friends, and family, and invite them to come along as well. We want the message of health and well-being through BioEnergetic Wellness to be celebrated on a global scale!

Creating Connections: $25.00
Supporting BioEnergetic Wellness: $50.00
Compassion in Action: $75.00
Legacy Building: $100.00
Visionary: $250.00