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Affiliate Organizations

Affiliate Organizations

Affiliates in Canada and Around the World!

As an association, CanBeWell is proud and excited to engage with Affiliates from around the world. Each relationship is unique, but all are built upon a shared desire to learn, teach, share, and grow while providing choices in health, wellness and self-care. We nurture these informal connections, making every effort to connect as regularly as possible with each Affiliate. Our Affiliate liaison reps do the same. These connections naturally become more formal around specific projects and initiatives.

As our list of Affiliates grows, so do the opportunities for collaboration. This increases the strength of our community outreach and our success. Our Affiliate organizations include:

If your organization shares common goals with those we pursue at CanBeWell, our volunteers will connect with you to discuss how we best support each other to better serve and inform our communities. Please contact CanBeWell

Members of Affiliate organizations are most welcome to join as a member of CanBeWell.