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Research provides us all with a better understanding of the science behind bioenergetic wellness.

There are many ways to investigate the science of wellness, the value of the techniques involved, and the effectiveness of the tools through pre- and post-assessment techniques, including awareness and muscle monitoring for bioenergetic feedback.  Over the past several decades the extensive advancement in technologies such as MRIs have created opportunities to study and document the benefits on overall health and wellness of these self-care techniques.

The investigation and study of bioenergetic wellness includes knowledge from ancient healing sciences through to the latest discoveries and theories in Quantum Physics.

Based in the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
with thousands of years of history, there are significant studies in TCM research, as well as the evidence and comparison of BioField Therapies.  Here is just one research example to begin your explorations of the studies and comparative analysis:

Quantum physics,
and the understanding of energy, is key to the concepts in bioenergetic wellness.  The work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Gregg Braden, Dr. James Oschman, Dr. Barbara Brennan, Dr. Charles Krebs, Dr. Richard Utt and others explore the concepts of Entanglement, Instant Healing, Resonance and beyond.

The power of intention
has been deeply explored and shared by Lynne McTaggart through her intention experiments and her Power of Eight™ groups.  Further exploration of the science is part of her initial investigations into Energy Medicine concepts.

Muscle Response Testing
has been researched for effectiveness and accuracy. Dr. Anne Jensen is a recent leader in this research, and she continues to share her discoveries in this area.

The Australia Kinesiology Association has begun a special project to archive the dissertations, thesis, articles and research pertaining to this work, and their findings will be shared in the coming years.

In Bioenergetic Wellness, we refer to Muscle Response Testing as Bioenergetic Feedback or Muscle Monitoring. This tool is used in sessions and/or classes, and can be applied for pre- and post- assessments, awareness of the energy field, as well as in the monitoring to access the neuroenergetic loop which links meridian systems to organ systems, muscles, tissues and emotions.

The following are a few examples of journals and research sites to share discoveries of importance from the US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health:

There are hundreds of books available that speak to the concepts central to bioenergetic wellness (also referred to as Specialized Kinesiology in some parts of the world). The key is to know where to look, and to ensure that you have the original documentation, and the opportunity to review the material from its source. It is important research is reviewed on its own merit, and that you are not receiving information interpreted through third party commentary.

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