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Bio Energetic Wellness

What is Bio Energetic Wellness?

Bioenergetics Wellness encompasses the many disciplines, as well a supplementary modalities and techniques, which help to promote, restore and maintain a clear, balanced flow of energy in the body systems. When the body systems are in a state of balance (homeostasis), the body’s innate healing potential is optimized, supporting overall health and well-being. The principals of self-care and self-awareness are integral, with each session based upon individual needs and goals.

A growing field of scientific research support BioEnergetic Wellness as a valuable option in complementary medicine as you choose your personal health and wellness plan.

What to expect from a BioEnergetic Wellness Session?

Sessions will differ based on the discipline, modality and/or techniques used. However, the steps of identifying personal goals, the initial assessment, and the post-assessment after specific technique(s) are applied are integral to the session/balance.

BioEnergetic Feedback is the gathering of information about the body systems by assessing the human biofield, also known as the human energy field, or the neuroenergetic loop. This helps to identify where the energetic stressors, blocks or imbalances that lead to dis-ease and illness are present within the body systems. Both hands-on and hands-off methods are used in assessing the BioEnergetic Feedback. In a session this information is then used to determine the most beneficial technique(s) to support individual health and well-being.

The client’s needs guide each session, and any questions or concerns will be addressed as they arise during the session. All of the techniques used are natural, holistic and non-invasive. Clients remain fully clothed, and should be comfortable throughout the session.

In signing the CanBeWell Code of Ethics, our members agree their work will be guided by these Ethics and the Core Values of our professional organization. Bioenergetic wellness professionals/facilitators do not attempt to diagnose, offer medical advice, or provide disease-specific course of treatment, unless their licensing permits them to do so.

The Origins of BioEnergetic Wellness

Bioenergetic Wellness is part of the continuing evolution in research and application in the study of the human energy, the human biofield, and the many body systems as related to holistic health and wellness.

Hundreds of such techniques have evolved from Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health™. Bioenergetic Wellness acknowledges the contribution of pioneers in the fields of Applied Physiology, Applied Kinesiology and Specialized Kinesiology, all of which use hands-on biofeedback (MM and BEM). These visionaries include: Dr. George Goodheart, Dr. John Thie (Touch for Health®),  Dr. Bruce Dewe (PKP™), Dr. Sheldon Deal (Applied Kinesiology), Dr. Richard Utt (Applied Physiology), Dr. Jimmy Scott (Health Kinesiology/Natural Bioenergetics), Ian Stubbing (Stress Indicator Points System – SIPS), Dr. Deitrich Klingheart, Dr. Alan Sales (Cyberkinetics), Dr. Charles Krebs (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program - LEAP Brain Integration), Dr Carl Ferrari (Neuro-Organizational Technique – NOT) and others.

Leaders in the hands-off biofeedback techniques found in Therapeutic Touch ™ are Dr. Delores Krieger and Dora Kunz. Today, Bioenergetic Wellness provides an encompassing term for the several hundred disciplines, modalities and techniques world-wide using biofeedback from the body and biofield for assessment and for supporting holistic corrections resulting in overall well-being.

Professional research and training continue to advance the field of Bioenergetic Wellness. Contemporary scientific tools and techniques provide us with ways to more precisely observe and represent the biofield (human energy field), our brain and body systems. Parallel to professional development and application, Bioenergetic Wellness also carries forward our predecessors work in providing opportunities for lay-persons to learn these techniques, encouraging participation in the self-care model for health and wellness for individuals, their families and community.

In some parts of the world, the term Specialized Kinesiology is used to describe this practice. The term Bioenergetic Wellness more clearly describes a science and scope of practice that is well beyond the limited definition of ‘kinesiology’ as it relates to muscle and joint movement.

BioEnergetic Wellness Curriculum with Akamai University and the Choose Love Movement

The term BioEnergetic Wellness has been added to the program offerings at Akamai University for degree, master, and doctoral studies. CanBeWell is proud to have courses offered at the University for CEU credit as well as for academic excellence in the degree programs. Please check out their offerings if you have considered advancing your education with a full degree and credit for your studies with BioEnergetic Wellness disciplines. See: Raising BioEnergetic Awareness, created by Natascha Polomski and Michelle Greenwell, are our first accredited courses.

BioEnergetic Wellness programs have also been added to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement curriculum for wellbeing practice. You can learn more about this organization on their main site: and find our BioEnergetic Essentials Book, tea, and card deck “It’s in the Cards” in the Choose Love Shop. Several of our CanBeWell members are part of the Choose Love Ambassador Program, and part of the Choose Love Canada Ambassador Team heading up our Choose Love Canada Day during our BioEnergetic Wellness Month in November.