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Bio Energetic Wellness

About our Members

We are professionals, students, volunteers, colleagues, and individuals who share a passion for the practice, study and promotion of the art and science of Bioenergetic Wellness. CanBeWell members represent the many bioenergetic wellness disciplines, as well as supplementary modalities and techniques, that support the body’s natural healing processes. Our membership also includes those who, although not practicing or studying, support our vision, mission and purpose.

Our members make up the CanBeWell Leadership Team. Approximately 20 dedicated volunteers contribute their valuable time and skills to the Board of Directors, committee work, special projects and community outreach programming.

We are so grateful to our volunteers. Through their efforts, our Association continues to grow and evolve to best serve the public, support our membership and promote bioenergetic wellness. We enjoy our shared tasks and learning. Many cross-Canada friendships have grown out of this work. We welcome anyone who is interested to reach out to find out how to join this inspired team.

The CanBeWell Board of Directors is a dynamic group. We are responsible for guiding the work of the Leadership Team and the Association. We challenge each other to bring forward decisions in the best interest of CanBeWell for today, for the future, and for all of Canada. As we weave through change that is constant, we honor the contributions of our predecessors, both in CanBeWell (previously known as CanASK) and in the integrative and complementary health and wellness worlds. We learn from each other, and somewhere in all of the business, we still find time to have fun and connect on a personal level.

We are proud members of the Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness. We invite you to join us!

At CanBeWell our office is staffed by volunteer members from the Board. We value your outreach and make every effort to respond as soon as possible. We hope you will enjoy being a part of our Facebook Members Only group, as well as stay updated with our newsletters, these are the two best ways to be connected and to interact with the membership. Thank you for your patience as we endeavor to provide a unique experience for collaboration and connection with your membership.

Board of Directors

President – Michelle Greenwell
Vice President – Linda Easthouse
Secretary – Linda Easthouse
Treasurer – Natascha Polomski