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Christine  Plumb

Christine Plumb

Discipline(s): Applied Physiology, Kinergetics, Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP), K-Power®/PKP, Reflexology, Stress Indicator Points System (SIPS), Touch for Health™


Phone: 403 843 6768
City: Rimbey
Province: Alberta
Country: Canada


With a passion for healing and meaningful growth, Wellness Leader and Self-Care Consultant Christine Plumb uses her skills as an internationally recognized Professional Kinesiologist, Touch For Health Instructor and Consultant to improve her students’ and clients’ lives in a balanced, wholistic way.

Registered Massage Therapist • Reflexologist • Internationally Recognized Professional Kinesiologist • Certified Touch for Health,Consultant, Instructor & Assessor • Wholistic Self Care Consultant • Facilitator of Life-Changing Transformational Experiences •

Compassionate Wealth of Information For Your Health & Well Being
For over 25 years, Christine Plumb has helped hundreds of people find freedom from pain and create balance in their lives. Her passion is for inspiring individuals on their health and wellness journeys, helping them grow on all levels. She does this in both one-on-one unique personalized sessions, and in informative online and in-person courses. She believes that healthy individuals lead to healthy communities and a better world for everyone.


Date Class Location Email
2022-06-10 Introduction to Touch For Health - ongoing class see link below online Register
2022-06-23 Tibetan Energy and Vitality Rimbey Register
2022-06-27 Western Herbs For Eastern Meridians Rimbey Register
2022-06-29 Epigenetic - your DNA is not your destiny Rimbey Register
2022-09-23 Touch For Health Level 1 Rimbey Register
2022-09-25 Touch For Health Level 2 Rimbey Register
2022-11-04 Touch For Health Level 3 Rimbey Register
2022-11-06 Touch For Health Level 4 Rimbey Register