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Natascha Polomski

Natascha Polomski

Discipline(s): Therapeutic Touch®, Touch for Health™
Competency(ies): Bioenergetic Vibrational Tuning, Qi YINtegration, Sound Healing


Phone: 9026231271
Instagram: turnupthefrequency
City: Walkerville
Province: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada


Natascha’s journey into healing began from the time with her parents and her first steps. Her father was a veterinarian and his kids always hung out at his practice. They would assist with the animals and help with whatever they could.

After a business degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany, Natascha returned to healing work in 2004 when she expanded her skills with Ayurvedic studies with Seva Academy in Munich, Germany. She received certifications as both an Ayurvedic Wellness Therapist and an Ayurvedic Beautician. It was during these studies that Natascha’s biggest passion was discovered, the power of the Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Pursuing this interest, Natascha continued her training in 2005 with intensive training as a Sound Therapist with Einklang Institute in Bobingen, Germany. She developed her skill with Sound Balance (Klangmassage) using the Singing Bowls, as well as Overtone Singing, Drumming, Guided Meditations and Taketina (a musical, meditative group process).

After immigrating to Canada in 2006, Natascha continued her training in 2008 with Therapeutic Touch®. By 2010 she was the inspiration for the beginning of the Therapeutic Touch Branch in Port Hawkesbury. Her efforts have produced quality, bi-monthly practice sessions with support for many students and clients to experience TT for free. Becoming a recognized Practician in 2018, Natascha completed her Instructor status for Foundations in 2020. She is also a presenter for conferences in TT internationally.

To better understand the body and how the muscles and meridians influence each other, Natascha began her training in Touch for Health in 2013. A Full Member with CanBeWell, she has completed her Level 4 qualifications. In the fall of 2015, Natascha had the opportunity to present Singing Bowls and their healing powers to the International Touch for Health Conference celebrating the 40th Anniversary of TfH in Banff, Alberta.

In 2013 she went back to Germany to study Peter Hess® Klangmassagen and she became certified in these Sound Balances in 2014.

Her training and studies led her to develop her own method BioEnergetic Vibrational Tuning, a combination of bioenergetic feedback and frequency work with sound and other vibrational tools.

At the moment Natascha is working on her Master's degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine with Akamai University in Hilo Hawaii. Her Major is in Energy Dynamics with a focus on Sound and Vibration. She is also a member of CanBeWell's Leadership Team and at the moment holds the board position as Publicity Chair for CanBeWell as well as for the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network.


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