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Céline Bellemare

Céline Bellemare

Discipline(s): Brain Gym®/Edu-K, Masgutova Neuro-Sensory Reflex Integration™ (MNRI), Therapeutic Touch®, Touch for Health™, Stress Indicator Points System (SIPS), Rhythmic Movement Training International (RMTi)
Competency(ies): BioEnergetic Wellness Professional


Phone: 5068751646
City: Moncton
Province: New Brunswick
Country: Canada


My journey began in 2001 with Touch for Health followed by the Brain Gym(r) 101. This was the beginning of my journey into wellness. I'm a certified Brain Gym(r) Instructor/Consultant since 2004 for the following courses:
-Brain Gym(r) 101 - Balance for Daily Life
-Brain Gym(r) 104 - Teachers' Edition
-Hooking up from Head to Toe
Other workshops that can be offered are as follows: (they have yet to be recognized by Brain Gym(r) International):
-Switched-on Learning
Movement Facilitor

Please note that services are offered in English as well as in French.

-Young Movement Explorers (part 2 of Hooking up from Head to Toe)

Brain Gym(r) can be used to reach our goals with more ease, wether they are for personal reasons, educational purposes or for professional objectives. Brain Gym is so amazing that I was able to get rid of allergies using these movements, and, to this day (what a bonus), these allergies remain at a distance! That's how profound Brain Gym(r) works!

Other modalities used are:
*MNRI - Masgutova Neurosensori Motor Reflex Integration (Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute) - Course participant, including PTSD/PTSE recovery, Panic Attack/Anxiety recovery... (
*Rhythmic Movement Training (Bloomberg)
*Past-Life Regression
*Reiki Master Teacher
*Spiritual Alignement Connexion (S.A.C.)
*Chios Practitionner
*Touch for Health Practitionner
*Light Language Practitionner
*Shamanic Healing Tools
*SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System)

Please note that services are offered in French as well as
in English. Some services are also available via videoconferencing.

Services covered by most health insurance plans under naturopathic services.


There are currently no classes available.