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Brian Mathews

Brian Mathews

Discipline(s): Natural Bioenergetics™
Competency(ies): Geobiology


City: Abbotsford
Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada


Brian is the co-owner of Bioenergetic by Design. He is a highly trained professional in the field of Natural Bioenergetics and operates a family business on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. He works with clients locally in-person and nationally and internationally online. Brian is passionate about providing the highest level of service to support his clients on their journey to greater health and wellness. He is committed to sharing knowledge and seeing his clients able to empower themselves.
He is also the President and Executive Director of Natural Bioenergetics Global. A Not-For-Profit organization mandated with furthering Natural Bioenergetics around the global.
Brian is available for private consultations and Natural Bioenergetic services. You can reach him at or book through his website at For information about a career in Natural Bioenergetics: email


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