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Thomas-Martin  Tegtmeyer

Thomas-Martin Tegtmeyer

Discipline(s): Brain Gym®/Edu-K, Masgutova Neuro-Sensory Reflex Integration™ (MNRI), K-Power®/PKP, Touch for Health™
Competency(ies): PKP Tibetan energy, Energy Kinesiology - Maguire, Sound Healing


Phone: 613-769-5575
City: Sydenham
Province: Ontario
Country: Canada


Saving decades of research, time energy, money, grief on your self-healing journey

Assisting people to transform negative energy information to positive energy information.

Accepting what is, moving forward to illumination.

Ultimate Wellbeing Education (UWE) Caring (U-WE-C)

RUN OF LIFE (Lebenslauf)...


1976 and Education

Honours Economics Bachelor of Arts, York University
Independent study of Ontario Workman's Compensation Board and Swiss equivalent (Caisse nationale d' Assurances); Graduate courses in British and French politics, and
International Economics; CEGEP course in French-Canadian sociology

1979 and acupuncture

Seeds were planted in Martee's consciousness for his continuing education in optimal natural health, a few days before the end of a successful three-week international business trip. The then Chairman of the Faculty of Acupuncture demonstrated needling on Martee's solar plexus (who felt crackling electrical sparks) at Seoul University, Republic of Korea.

1985 and Asian internal arts of health

In Canada while recovering from a knee operation (second one), Martee saw a community TV show with poetic T'ai Chi movements in stillness, and he started researching holistic practices and services like yoga, chiropractic, auyervedic nutrition, and dream analysis.

1987 and Yoga, Reiki, T'ai Chi

A work colleague, Nadine Labelle, introduced Martee to toning sound healing combined with Usui Reiki. After a cross-country skiing fall re-injuring a knee that would not heal, Martee switched from Hatha and Kundalini Yoga to T'ai Chi in a modified experiential format with AMAZING results for his knees and more.

1994 thru present and multiple modalities

In addition to this exceptional good fortune and in this T'ai Chi setting, three related yet distinct prior encounters guided Martee to take up studies to become a working professional in the art and science of manual muscle response monitoring.

Martee has pursued continuing education in multiple modalities, which MAY REDUCE UNWANTED CHRONIC PAIN AND STRESS.

1999 and baby

Martee is a proud father and now a student of parenting.


1966 Church and European roots

Martee is first generation born Canadian in a Lutheran family from Hamburg, Germany
and instructed Sunday School at age 12 at Aurora, Ontario..

1988 thru present and Asian internal arts of health

To accelerate his path to the return to excellent health (Return to the Origin), Martee started chanting in the tradition of Confucius, the Buddha and the Tao, also including annual All Souls Festivals, as permitted.

Martee accepts that many cultures have different names for "Greatest Love". In his travels, he continues to study the Three Great Teachings of: 1) Tao (the Scripture of Clarity and Stillness), 2) the Buddha (the Heart sutra of the perfection of wisdom), and 3) social propriety (the Great Learning).

Martee focused on personal internal alchemy in mostly a secular context to focus on core spirituality, and unconditional universal service, rather than dogma.

1993 and Asian internal arts of health

Martee participated in the 1993 World Parliament of Religions at Chicago, as part of a 35 member delegation, which was the healthiest looking bunch of some 5500 attendees. The delegation accompanied a Confucian/Tao monk, with whom Martee studied internal arts of health beginning in 1987, and for 11 years with teacher Mr. Moy, Lin-Shin (Mei Lianxian, born 1931) until his passing in 1998, peace be upon him. Martee continues these studies through world-wide organizations Mr. Moy co-founded and founded beginning in 1968 at Hong Kong, as well as many fellow first generation students.

In the spirit of cultural exchange and expanding horizons as was done among many teachers of old, Martee explores expanded studies in medical qi gong, acupressure, spiritual emergence, and growing wellness, wellbeing & wisdom.

1994 thru present

Near-death experiencer Margaret A. Kean, Director of School of Holistic Healing Arts, pathologist Dr. Vernon M. Sylvest M.D., Richmond VA and her husband Leonard Kean, Reiki Master, co-founded the Institute of Higher Healing (IHH) which operated from 1985 through 1997 in Raleigh, NC, and Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Margaret came out of retirement 2007-2008 at Pleasant Garden, NC .

Margaret (aka Margaret Ann Richardson Kean, aka Margaret Fields Kean, aka Margaret Kean) certified Martee as facilitator (1994) and instructor (1996) in IHH RESULTS SYSTEM, which she renamed God's Priority Indicator Results System in 2007-2008 before her final passing in 2009.

She and her daughter Marguerite Fields also certified Martee in all available Advanced Results Facilitator workshops for RELATIONSHIPS, BUSINESSES, GROUPS, UNIVERSAL PEACE and ANIMALS in 1995, 1996).

PMH Atwater published Margaret's fully-documented experiences for the first time in 1994, BEYOND THE LIGHT...with mention in three other books as well as by Vernon Sylvest, pathologist in his September 1996 on book THE FORMULA. His second book is entitled x.

Margaret had compared her work to "psychoneuroimmunology". Martee has taught these workshop retreats in Ottawa, Halifax, and Brasilia.

Martee is also certified to facilitate remote transformative balancing sessions and blessings from several programs

1995-2012 unconditional service

The Sanctuary of the Beloved Inc, Consesus, NY, USA ordained him in the order of Melchizedek (1995), and the related "A School for the Prophets" certified him as an instructor (2012).

Martee founded EnergyBEE -- Self-Care Energy Balancing Exchange (operating monthly from August 1998 thru April 2021).

Martee provided complementary care services to the AIDS Committee of Ottawa, Upstairs Room, Canadian AIDS Society AGM Hull Sector, and the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, Options '99/ Ottawa (1999)

Martee instructed as a volunteer Workplace wellness classes for over 22 years (1998 thru 2012) at the House of Commons, Department of Communications/Canadian Heritage, Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, Bank of Canada, and a ballet studio.

Martee also delivered presentations on natural transformation and spiritual emergence also including Margaret's work at conferences in Toronto, Belleville, Kingston, Ottawa, and in Pennsylvania, Idaho, Texas, and Florida.

2007 thru present

Martee has taught Touch for Health® (TFH) Synthesis, and TFH Metaphors in Ontario and Quebec. From to 2011 to 2014, Martee served on the Board of Directors of Touch for Health…USA. In 2013 he was part of the first cohort of TFH Consultants.

2018, 2019, 2021 thru present

Tao Academy certified Martee as Divine Hands, and Tao Healing Hands Practitioner.

Martee's journey has come full circle, In 2000 he presented "The Joy of Living" at an ASK-US conference at Cherry Hill, PA, USA. After participating in a silent retreat for 10 days in July/August 2022, he has updated his expression of the middle path between movement, and stillness in his Joy of Life Chapters and LIfe Elements: 1) Pattern of information AIR/WOOD, 2) Release of energy & Creativity FIRE, 3) Spiritual Uplifting Renewal (SUR - Stability) EARTH (also including METAL), 4) Return to origin/ Remembrance (ROR the sound of the big bang).... P-R-SUR-ROR "pressure-roar".


Third Party Neutral, Canadian Centre for Conflict Resolution (training from 1995 thru 2005)

Brain Gym® Instructor/ Consultant (training 2003 thru 2008)

Group Fitness & Urban Poling Instructor (2014 thru present)
Transcutaneous Acupuncture Certified by neurosurgeon and psychologist C. Norm Shealy (2014) C. Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. blesses his proprietary essential oil blends as a sacrament in his protocols of the Five Sacred Rings of acupuncture points;

Other such as Developmental Kinesiology from Germany (2010, 2011) about 15 infantile reflexes; Musgatova Method and child reflexes integration
(2004, 2006); Usui Reiki Level 3 (1987 thru 2008); The Reconnection® Level 3 (2009-2010)

Systems Health® Certified Educator, (2021) applying systems biology, and engineering control systems theory. Leader in training for Canada applying simple pattern analysis for the Truth, Freedom, Health "working peoples" world-wide movement.

July-August 2023 10 day silent Vipassana retreat for science of the mind training to ser how things really are near Montebello, Québec

May 2023 trainings near Montréal


There are currently no classes available.