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Paula Nowak

Paula Nowak

Discipline(s): Eden Energy Medicine, Reflexology, Touch for Health™, Brain Gym®/Edu-K, Therapeutic Touch®


Phone: 5192803210
Instagram: learninginfinitepossibilities_
City: St Mary's
Province: Ontario
Country: Canada


Paula is a speaker, stress management coach, well-being coach and body-mind facilitator. Paula offers stress strategies and well-being experiential workshops & courses for schools, businesses and community organizations. Paula is currently offers Live Virtual On-line Courses & workshops on Navigating Stress & Reclaiming Your Joy! Paula also offers a variety of holistic well-being services to reduce stress, foster mindful relaxation, and promote well-being through the integration of mind, body, and heart. Each modality works to balance the body’s subtle energy systems using a range of techniques, including gentle movement and hands-on sessions. These restorative sessions soothe the central nervous system, eliciting relaxation, easing muscle tension, releasing stress, increasing blood circulation, and restoring vitality, balance, and harmony. Paula is an Eden Method® facilitator, Touch for Health Instructor®, Brain Gym® Instructor, Reflexologist, Yoga instructor, and a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback trainer. Paula is currently studying Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate. Paula’s roots began in the field of wellness. Prior to becoming an educator, Paula worked in several fitness facilities and in the athletic departments of 3 Ontario colleges. She was an educator for 30 years, including 15 years as a school administrator. Paula has taught self-regulation & stress management strategies, integrated movement, mindful relaxation, & yoga to children, adults, & educators for over 15 years. ​Paula studied movement, recreation, leisure and improving quality of life in her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo focused on; a Bachelor of Education degree from Queen’s University; and a Masters of Education in Curriculum Design from the University of Western. Paula resides near London, Ontario.


Date Class Location Email
2021-06-27 Self-care Sundays- Shifting into Wellness. A free class with Choose Love Movement. online Register
2021-10-25 8 week Virtual Course- Navigate Stress and Reclaim Your Joy online Register