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Cynthia Aldred

Cynthia Aldred

Discipline(s): Brain Gym®/Edu-K, Therapeutic Touch®, Touch for Health™
Competency(ies): Body Management


Phone: 403-406-1330
Province: Alberta
Country: Canada


Imagine living a life full of energy, health, and purposeful potential…

Make an appointment now to experience simple techniques that increase self-awareness, support healing potential, and strengthen overall wellbeing.

Each one-on-one or group session helps you to identify a specific goal or intention. The session includes a pre-assessment of your body and systems. You are then guided in discovering ways to support your healing on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A post-assessment and confirmation of the goal/intention wraps up your ‘body balance’.

With over 20 years of experience facilitating balanced 'living by design', Cynthia is passionate about her profession, and enjoys working with people of all ages. (as well as animals) An understanding of the connectedness of all things, and the need for balance, guides her practice. Nature, in its beauty and wisdom, informs her approach to health and wellness, her creations as a gardener and landscape designer, as well as in her life and relationships.

In addition to the Bioenergetic Wellness protocols (Touch for Health®, Body Management, Brain Gym/Edu-K©, and Therapeutic Touch®, Haraga’s Animal Therapy), Cynthia is certified in Champissage® (East Indian Head Massage).

“If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nicola Tesla


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