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Workshops & Webinars

Men’s Health Week – MyoSkeletal Alignment

Date: 11 Jun, 2021
Presenter: Susan Nash, Doug Waines and Michelle Greenwell

Celebrating Men’s Health Week with CanBeWell members Susan Nash and Michelle Greenwell, and special guest and Tai Chi Instructor Doug Waines of Wine Country Tai Chi Society and Tai Chi Wellness
Most men who come to Susan’s office are dealing with a significant problem as a result of falls and herniated discs resulting in rods in the legs and spine. After the usual physio/massage care she fine tunes them with BioEnergetic Wellness tools like Touch for Health, teaching them to crawl, walk, run and lift without pain and move gracefully. Susan also takes this time to explore some elements of their conscious and unconscious mind to develop a positive mindset and create some realistic goal setting. How do you work with men in your classes and clinical practice? Join us to learn more about this special clientele.

Do you have male clients with knee or hip challenges? Perhaps they are in need of a joint replacement? Doug Waines will share his success story with his double knee replacement, and insights for BioEnergetic Wellness facilitators to consider when assisting their clients and students to prepare for surgery and recovery. Michelle Greenwell will follow up this conversation with further exploration into how Tai Chi works and how it can be a strong resource for your business. Michelle will also assist with stair walking after a replacement – how to find the power in the step.

This special members webinar is designed to support your business with resources and a support network for providing the best self-care and self-responsibility approaches for your clients success.

All registrants will receive a zoom link for the event. A link to the recording will follow the webinar to those registered for the event.

Member Admission: $0.00
Public Admission: $15.00