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Natural BioEnergetics Releases a New Book

  • Linda Easthouse
  • Oct 12, 2021

I have some exciting news to share with you!
This past year, Natural Bioenergetics Global, one of CanBeWell's Partners, has achieved a milestone by creating a book about Natural Bioenergetics. We are committed to support and facilitate improvement in the mental and physical wellbeing of others through Natural Bioenergetics (one of CanBeWell's approved disciplines). We are delighted to share this announcement with you.
On Wednesday, October 13th, our new book, The Gift of Hope: Top Experts Share How Real People Changed Their Lives, will be available for order on Kindle for a promotional launch price of ONLY .99 cents! As an author and editor of the volume, I am asking you to support us by purchasing a copy on the 13th. Each purchase helps us achieve a higher ranking on Amazon! Our goal is to reach #1 Bestseller, and this will allow this book to have greater exposure and be a resource that will make a difference for those who need hope.
On Tuesday, October 12th, I will post the link to the Amazon page, which goes live on Wednesday morning. I will post a reminder to you to buy the book on Wednesday morning and ask that you share it with all those within your scope of influence.
From my personal experience with Natural Bioenergetics, this book provides excellent insight into the transformation a person can experience using this discipline. "The impossible just takes a little longer" is the motto for NB Specialists who share the stories of their client's journey of hope to wholeness. My goal is to shine a spotlight on the modern-day miracles that are happening every day. I have taken a bold step to share my perspective through an NB Specialist lens. My story shows incredible healing and recovery and instills hope as a catalyst for impactful change.
I'd love for you to join the other NB Specialists in this book and me on this journey to show the world that wellbeing can be achieved even when all seems hopeless.

  • Source: CanBeWell Member Newsletter October 2021
  • Author: Linda Easthouse