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BioEnergetic Tools: Immune Boosting Activity

  • Denise Cambiotti and Heather Phillips
  • Aug 25, 2020

Are you ready to add another tool to boost your immune system to your BioEnergetic Tool Box? Let our partner organization Muscle Tuners International show you how…

Denise has been in the BioEnergetic Wellness profession for 3 decades. The Executive Director for CanASK (now CanBeWell) for 12 years, she has been a driving force in sharing our special tools with others. Currently the President of Muscle Tuners International Inc., she produces programs for in-person and online programs (, together with her Partner Heather Phillips.


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Back to School: Managing Stress & Adapting to Change

  • Paula Nowak Droog
  • Aug 24, 2020

As another school year approaches, there is uncertainty and stress for children, parents, and educators. During this pandemic, being able to navigate stress and adapt to change are important and necessary skills for children and adults. 

In this video, Paula Nowak demonstrates an amazing technique from the Eden Method® to regulate the nervous system by easing stress and activating calm relaxation.


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Navigating the Stress of Back to School WEBINAR

  • Natascha Polomski
  • Aug 13, 2020

This PUBLIC webinar recording is now available on the CanBeWell YouTube channel here;

CanBeWell members Natascha Polomski, Paula Nowak and Lisa Marcovici and CanBeWell Partner member Tanya Levy shared their tips and tools to help navigate the anxiety and fear that parents and children may be experiencing as they return to the classroom. Our BioEnergetic Wellness disciplines have simple techniques that can be used in just a few short minutes to calm the system, create peace and harmony, and can help you move forward into the "new life" with Covid.


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Energy Strategies for Children to Stay Balanced and Resilient

  • Tanya Levy
  • Aug 6, 2020

By Tanya Levy, MSW, RSW, CCC

Children are perceptive to the things going on in their world. They can experience stress in their families, in their friendships, because of the current pandemic, from illness or physical challenges, in their learning or from what they read in social media. Stress can show up as an imbalance in the energy field and bring symptoms of fatigue, irritability, anger, sadness and so on. This article will look at strategies to help children remain resilient and keep boundaries that support balance, calm and peace. Children often need support and validation of their feelings and thoughts as they find their place and voice in the world.


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