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Greg Webb presents for the Shift into Wellness Synergy Summit - Pre-Summit Series

  • Michelle Greenwell
  • Oct 12, 2021

Greg Webb is an escapee from the corporate world who has found his life path in the BioEnergetic Wellness Field. Having worked for several years in the oil industry in Calgary as a Geological Technician, an economic downturn provided him the opportunity to find a more soul-fulfilling career in the complimentary health industry. Initially training as a Registered Massage Therapist through Mount Royal University, Greg attended his first Touch for Health (TFH) class halfway through his massage therapy training in 1991. TFH filled in the gaps of what was not being discussed or taught in standard training - the physical-energetic body connection and has served as a hand in hand approach to treatment for his entire career.

Greg now has 30 years of experience, combining his massage therapy training with over 2000 hours of Bio Energetic Wellness tools with Hypertonic Muscle Release (Hyperton-X), Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS), Life Enhancement Accupressure Protocol (LEAP), and Applied Physiology, K-Power, Neuro-Energetics with KInstitute. He finds it invaluable at simplifying and speeding up positive and lasting changes in clients. Certified as an instructor to lead numerous workshops including Touch for Health, Greg has also produced the 5 hour, 4 DVD series “The Anatomy of Muscle Monitoring.” Greg has also been a member of The Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness (CanBeWell) for 24 years and currently is the Vice-President.

Melting Muscles with Ease: Ease ‘Clinician Burnout’ by complementing your practice with ‘BioEnergetic Wellness (BEW) tools.

Release muscle knots and rigidity with these easy techniques. Invest 5 minutes of BEW tools in a session and reduce the effort and length of time invested in melting tissue tension in a session by 15-20 minutes. Greg Webb’s expertise in linking key tools to his Massage Therapy practice has meant safety, ease of applications, and increased successes with his clients. He will share his favorite tools in this introductory workshop and provide more in-depth techniques for those registered for the “Shift into Wellness Synergy Summit.”
This webinar will include:
- Para-Spinal Melter.
- The 90 Second Muscle Melter. A simple 3 step process for individual muscles.
- Quick, easy Pre-Release Methods of muscles from T1 to L5.
- Corrections affecting the circulatory and proprioceptive systems that release tissue tension.
- Improve treatment efficiency and allow for pre-release of muscle rigidity
- Learn reflex techniques for increasing blood and lymphatic capillary diameter. (Opening the ‘pipes’ for easier fluid movement)
- Provide opportunity to quickly decrease pain and tenderness
- Create primary and regional muscle texture change immediately
- Reduce and re-pattern re-occurring issues such as muscle compensation and imbalance patterns
- Expand and blend skills and knowledge for new session approaches
Special thanks to Yolande Kielstra for her support to create the webinar content. Her expertise in Massage Therapy, Touch for Health and nutrition are a huge asset to CanBeWell programs.

To register for the Summit, please click on the logo on our main page. To register for just the workshop, please go to the Events page for workshops and click on the event. See you soon.

  • Source: Shift into Wellness Synergy Summit Update
  • Author: Michelle Greenwell