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Canada's Choose Love Day

  • Michelle Greenwell
  • Nov 3, 2021

As a fundraiser for the Choose Love Movement, the Choose Love Canadian Ambassadors: Paula Nowak Droog, Natascha Polomski, Tanya Levy, Michelle Greenwell, Marie-France Renaud, and Connie Cassetta will provide a special time for self-care for both youth and adults.

To register please click on this link:

This special event will highlight the Choose Love Formula. It will focus on Compassion in Action (one of the 4 pillars of the formula) related to our own wellbeing and empowerment. When we have provided ourselves with all that we need to thrive, we can then help others.

Join us to learn some special tools from BioEnergetic Wellness, play with the Choose Love Formula, and of course, make new connections.

For those worldwide who work in the wellness industry, this is a great chance to learn more about grassroots assistance and self-empowerment when we share our tools. We hope that our presentations will spark new ideas and create opportunities to expand your outreach to others.

As we conclude our special “Youth Self-Care Awareness Project”, we hope you will have been inspired to learn more about the areas we touched on this year. We believe that together we can be the change the world needs. These unique partnerships are an example of collaborative opportunities to share the love and nurture each other. To learn more about those presentations please go to our Youtube Channel for CanBeWell and see our presentations by Jill Hewlett for Brain Fitness, The BioEnergetic Essentials Book Launch, and the "It's in the Cards" Launch. We invite you to share them out to those who could benefit.

Thank you to the entire team that made this extraordinary project possible.

  • Source: CanBeWell Member Newsletter November 2021
  • Author: Michelle Greenwell