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Whole Body Tune Up

  • Linda Easthouse
  • Nov 24, 2021

We have a special program for you. Linda Easthouse is sharing her special workshop with us for a fundraising effort for CanBeWell. For just $29 you can have this on-demand workshop at your fingertips with tools to add to your daily selfcare habits.

By creating balance and flow daily for the body, you provide it with support to keep all the systems connected and supported. The tools can be very simple and take just a few minutes to participate in.

You can find this special workshop in our events section. Once you register, the office will send you the link to the program.

This is a great present for a friend, a gift for yourself, and a way to support the programs of community outreach and advocacy at CanBeWell.

Because of your passion to see CanBeWell strong and thriving, your fundraising support creates initiatives to make sure we can continue to create programming, support our members developing education, and reach out in wellness.

Enjoy this special workshop and thank you for your support!

  • Source: CanBeWell Announcement
  • Author: Linda Easthouse