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Shift into Wellness Synergy Summit Cancelled

  • Michelle Greenwell
  • Dec 10, 2021

It is with heavy hearts that we cancel our fundraising event for CanBeWell. Despite all the efforts of our Summit team, including our partnership with Knowlative, we were unable to secure registrations for the event. We have extended a huge wave of gratitude to our presenters for their willingness to support our fundraiser and prepare their presentations, and we hope that you will keep them in mind when you are looking for a specific workshop or opportunity in the future. This includes:
Paula Nowak Droog
Tanya Levy
Cherry Whitaker
Dr. Anne Jensen
Evelyn Mulders
Dr. Antonio Stecco
Dr. Mary Ann Hanley
Debbie Rossi
Kay Reeve
Dr. Ludovico Feletto
Dr. Maria Ortner
Dr. Wayne Topping
Marie-France Renaud

As well as our Pre-Summit Presenters who have their presentations on our YouTube channel as well as on Knowlative:
Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook with Akamai University
Scarlett Lewis founder of the Choose Love Movement
Greg Webb
Denise Cambiotti

And, our Youth Self-Care Awareness Project Presenters:
Tanya Levy
Paula Nowak Droog
Michelle Greenwell
Natascha Polomski
Jill Hewlett
Nithya Poorani Jaharaj

Also, our two projects creating resources for families and educators:
The BioEnergetic Essentials Book (the free pdf is on our main page of the website)
"It's in the Cards Deck"

Knowlative is continuing to raise awareness with their Youth Summit in January as well as their annual event in April supporting the latest developments in our field. Please check out their details at

Thank you everyone for your continued support through much needed donations and continued membership. Together we will continue to strive to support the public with our outreach and advocacy work, as well as our special relationships with other organizations around the globe. Here at home, we will continue to provide the latest news and support for classes, webinars, presentations, articles, Standards of Practice and more.

  • Source: CanBeWell Announcement
  • Author: Michelle Greenwell