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How to Assess if your Stress Levels are Too High

  • Linda Easthouse
  • Oct 18, 2022

It is normal to experience stress in your life. But stress is like the frog in the pot syndrome. It heats up slowly without you noticing it until you are boiling. We handle a certain level of stress appropriately. And then something else is added and you adjust and then more and more and more until it is crushing and you still think it is normal and you cannot cope.

It's time to take an assessment of how you are doing and what dysfunctional responses are showing up without you realizing that is an over-stressed response.

If your stress levels are too high then you will need to take steps to reduce and address them before you come to the frog boiling in the pot unable to get out.

Here are some signs that you could be suffering from elevated stress levels:
1. You Suddenly become Angry
No apparent reason, you just blow up? People that are experiencing high-stress levels can often become angry quickly. Something triggers their anger and they take it out on those closest or just explode and spew the anger on anyone around them. If you experience unusual sudden anger bouts then this is a sign your stress levels are in the red hot zone.

2. Worrying for no reason
Do you find yourself worrying about things for no reason? Chronic stress levels show up as anxiety for no apparent reason. If you are worried about multiple things for long periods each day then you need to do something about high-stress levels.

3. You give up easily
Stress leads to being more likely to give up on things easily. Even the smallest of challenges will have you beaten and you will throw in the towel. Do you find yourself giving up on things far more easily these days?

4. You Have Low Levels of Motivation
Where has your motivation gone? Have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy? If you are finding it a real chore to motivate yourself to do anything, elevated stress levels are likely.

5. You are often Sick
Do you tend to get everything going around? No resistance to colds and flu? If you do then this can be a strong sign that your immune system has been compromised by high levels of stress. You need a strong immune system to protect you from illness and disease.

6. Constantly Tired but cannot Sleep
Do you tire easily? When you are feeling exhausted is it easy for you to fall asleep? When stress builds up you have limited energy which is quickly drained. It becomes difficult to sleep despite being very tired as the adrenaline and cortisol levels remain high.

7. Difficult to Concentrate
High levels of stress tend to make concentration on anything difficult. Your mind flits from one stress to another making concentration almost impossible. Even with focused attention, it doesn’t last long as the brain losses steam and can’t hold the thoughts smoothly.

8. You care less about yourself
Another sign of too much stress is when you stop caring about how you look or you obsess over how you look as it is one thing you can control. Your self-care levels often drop and you are just existing. You cannot be bothered to spend a long time getting ready anymore or you spend all your time getting ready and don’t get to the important things.

9. Your Moods constantly change
Do your moods constantly shift throughout the day? It is not normal for a person to feel happy one minute and then sad the next and have moods constantly shifting without an experiential base to cause the change.

How high is too high?
Any one of these items in the extreme shows that you are well over the balanced levels of stress. If you have 4 or more of these going on, you need to get some help.

It is time to set up a call with me and face the stress. It is time to invest in yourself and make the changes needed to get back into a balanced, satisfying life. You are more than your work and deserve to be happy. I’ve been there. I can help.

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  • Author: Linda Easthouse