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Balance your Blood Sugars after Halloween Indulgences

  • Denise Cambiotti
  • Nov 1, 2022

Not feeling well after that Halloween Candy?
From the Archives of our Partner organization - Muscle Tuners International

Nov 01, 2019

It can be challenging not to be tempted by all the Halloween candy available everywhere this week. Did you resist so far? Did you keep it to a small taste or two? If yes, congratulations! If not, did you notice how hard it is to stop, especially when there are so many different ones to sample??

Eating sugary treats like candy, most breakfast cereals, and even many gluten-free products are very hard on your pancreas because it is the organ responsible for producing the chemicals that break down all that sweetness.

Here's a helpful tip to support your pancreas.
There's a neurological reflex point that you can activate with small circular rubbing motions that helps stimulate the pancreas when it's gotten a bit too sluggish after working so hard:

See the diagram with the dot on the front of the left side of the ribs.

Rub this point gently yet firmly for about 30 seconds, two or three times, on days when you've indulged in something sweet. It really helps your body function more easily.

Additionally, if you have another 30 seconds to help yourself, hold the points on both sides of the head at the same time, with a few fingertips. Be sure to touch very lightly.

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Denise Cambiotti
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