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Honoring Dr. Gregory Webb February 20th, 2024

  • Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook/Michelle Greenwell
  • Feb 6, 2024

Akamai University grants CanBeWell's own, Gregory Webb, with a Doctorate

Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, EdD

Greg Webb (August 30, 1958 – June 28, 2023)
Posthumous Honoris Causa Doctoral Degree Award

To Greg’s Family, Santana, Levi, Erin and Chris
Greg’s Colleagues & Friends,

On behalf of Dr. Michelle Greenwell, Natascha Polomski & Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, Dean of the Integrative Health College we’re proud to recommend to the Board of Directors of Akamai University this Posthumous Honoris Causa Doctoral Degree Award.

The AU Board unanimous approved awarding this posthumous Honoris Cause Doctoral Degree Award at their October 2023 Board Meeting to acknowledge Greg’s lifetime of contributions to the health and wellbeing of many worldwide.

The full data presented outlining Greg’s work has been reviewed to provide foundational evidence for this award. The AU board acknowledges the follow achievements:

 Greg’s academic degree accomplishments.
 Private clinic – serving thousands of clients across his career, including neonatal, newborns, learning challenges, cancer, stress, pain relief, nutrition, and more.
 Touch for Health, Ear Candling, and other courses developed by Greg
 CanBeWell board duties include Vice President, Ethics Committee, Public Relations, Committee, and Members Committee, 28-year commitment.
 Webinar presentations and articles for the newsletter.
 Connection with a global community for spreading information about muscle monitoring, specialized kinesiology, and bioenergetic wellness.
 Fundraising to support initiatives to engage the public.
 Creation of the DVD series Anatomy of Kinesiology Muscle Monitoring with Sandra Toms, highlighting muscle monitoring from a Massage Therapy perspective.
 Water and Nutrition research for 10 years.
 Mentoring hundreds of students and colleagues over the years with outreach and community connection activities.
The letters of support for this award include distinguished colleagues: Alison Zeidler, Elemental Holistic Therapies, Body/Mind Healing, Dr. Michelle Greenwell, president of CanBeWell, Denise Cambiotti, Founder Muscle Tuners International, Inc., Steve Harvey, R.M.T., Mindset Mentor.

I want to also add our beloved founder of Touch for Health, Dr. John Thie who I suspect is standing beside Greg with a huge smile on his face and congratulating him with a hearty handshake and probably a hug as well!

And of course, this acknowledges the heart space connection of those individuals and their families he served over the years.

His physical presence on earth will be missed, but I believe from his heavenly home he is available through inspired consultation to guide the growth of service to humanity.

Greg was acknowledging in the Akamai University Newsletter January, 2024. At the April 21 2024 Symposium and Akamai University graduation ceremony in-person Durham, NC and on-line, we will also acknowledge his outstanding contributions.

Message to Greg, from our hearts to yours: know you are always to be remembered and honored as an outstanding contributor for achieving wellness, health and healing. Thank you and many blessings are forwarded to your shining star!

Join us at 7 pm on February 20th as we celebrate Dr. Gregory Webb, with a degree-granting ceremony, as well as a workshop honoring his favorite tricks and tools, and advancing the care and attention that many of his clients and students received from him over the years.

This special two-hour event will open with a special meditation led by Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, a ceremony with Greg's family, and then followed by the training workshop.

It promises to be a great evening of connection, collaboration, and celebration.

Please register for the event on our website, with your donation going to Akamai University in gratitude for the degree they have offered. Your donation will continue to enhance the degree program that we hope more of our CanBeWell members will be able to participate in.

Please share with those in your network who want to be a part of history in the making, as well as to enjoy and incredible evening of friendship and learning.

  • Source: Akamai University Announcement
  • Author: Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook/Michelle Greenwell