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Celebrating Excellence in BioEnergetic Wellness - a note from Akamai University President

  • Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook
  • Feb 7, 2024

This is a great tribute by Michelle Greenwell and distinguished board members of CanBeWell !

Thank you so much for your dedicated time and attention to this effort of connecting the service and dedication of one man with his team of colleagues to set the world on fire with love and divine inspiration.

Akamai University will continue to work with his legacy to further awaken divine inspiration in each and every person who comes forward to acknowledge their strength to help uplift individuals, families, communities, and organizations worldwide.

Go team! We are totally there!
Heart 2 Heart, Soul 2 Soul.

We look forward to our next round of possibilities as each of us steps into our spiritual guidance divinely-inspired to give service to others through our internal wisdom channels.

BioEnergetic Wellness awareness has opened the portal to great things as tools and resources of change and inspiration.

What a beautiful message to start the day with remembering our iconic leader Dr. Gregory Webb!

Thanks to all who contributed to this upcoming event on February 20th, 2024 to celebrate his life and legacy keeping open the door to multi-dimensional communication that serves all as each of us steps fully into our power.

Blessings and love,
Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, President of Akamai University

  • Source: Akamai University
  • Author: Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook