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Presentations at the 21ST World Congress on Qigong/Tai Chi/TCM/Natural Healing

  • Michelle Greenwell
  • May 14, 2021

CanBeWell prides itself on the Community Outreach initiatives as well as the Advocacy work that supports our Connection and Education components within the organization. Our members are very active in their communities sharing bioenergetic wellness tips through classes, workshops, conferences etc. In the last few months, and the virtual conferences that are happening, the opportunity to share has increased substantially. The Traditional Chinese Medicine 2021 World Congress reached an astounding 66,000 viewers. The outreach with this organization combines bioenergetic wellness tools with the science and research that has been ongoing with Covid recovery using TCM. If you have a chance to view some of the doctors and Tai Chi masters as they share their expertise, there is a profound world of tools out there for people to use for their self-care. If you have a chance to follow Michelle and Natascha’s work, you will see how their continued education in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine faculty at Akamai University has supported their development of tools, protocols, and published works for BioEnergetic Wellness. On our Leadership Team at CanBeWell, they enjoy the collaborative opportunities that being on the team has provided, and look forward to expanding outreach with new collaborations in the coming year on the committees they are a part of.

If you are a visitor to the CanBeWell website, consider what a membership could provide you in education, experience and friendships. Our webinars, community chats, workshops, and upcoming summit are all ways that you can increase your skills and education in self-care for bioenergetic wellness.

  • Author: Michelle Greenwell