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Men's Health Week Webinar: MyoSkeletal Alignment

  • Michelle Greenwell
  • Jun 9, 2021

With a background in science (B.A. Chemistry, Florida Atlantic University) and Medicine (B.S. Medical Technology, The George Washington University), Susan has long recognized the importance of combining science, technology, and holistic healthcare into personal wellness. Her goal is to help people navigate their way to better health through healthy living practices and by using myoskeletal alignment techniques to restore function, relieve pain, rebalance and re-educate the mind and body.

Sue believes that every day requires new conscious learning, choice, and self-discovery. Over time, she has developed a coaching system that blends scientific knowledge with holistic practices. She is driven to share what she learned with clients to empower them to reach their goals.

BioEnergetic Wellness Background:
Integrated Movement Specialist – Level 3 (CHEK Institute)
Holistic Lifestyle Coach- Level 3 (CHEK Institute)
Fascial Stretch Therapist- Level 2 (Stretch To Win Institute)
Pilates Instructor (Physical Mind Institute)
Touch For Health Instructor/Practitioner
Muscle Tuner Specialist ®
Yoga Instructor/Mindfulness Based Pain Relief
Holistic Transformational Coaching/Consulting


Doug Waines is one of the lead instructors at Wine Country Tai Chi Society in West Kelowna, he is pictured here with his wife, Yvonne, who specializes in the Seated Form of Tai Chi. One of the few Tai Chi clubs that has been able to operate during the pandemic with in-person classes, he has been participating in Tai Chi for three decades and instructing for over 2 decades. Trained by several leading instructors with Moy Tai Chi, (and a participant in classes with CanBeWell member Ward Willison), he began Tai Chi to support him through depression that left him unable to work as a Chartered Accountant and business owner. In the last few years Doug has learned the power of Tai Chi for recovery from knee surgery as he had knee replacement surgery for both knees within 4 months of each other and was kicked out or rehab for not needing the assistance. Doug will be sharing how he used basic movements from Tai Chi to support him before, during and after surgery, and how these tools could support the clients that you may be working with, or family members needing assistance.

You can find more information on YouTube with the Tai Chi Wellness series at :

Doug can be reached at:

Michelle will be sharing the power behind Tai Chi as a moving example of Touch for Health theory in practice. She will share how the meridians are opened and brought into flow with movement patterns, and how some of the simple patterns can be used by clients after a session for homework or follow up. She will also share how to use Tai Chi principles to go up and down the stairs and support people with hip, knee, or foot challenges, and use the power of the stair to support them. Michelle began Tai Chi after watching her father, Doug, benefit from the practice, and soon found the power of Tai Chi for her own recovery when she lost the ability to walk and suffered from mental fatigue. As part of her studies at Akamai University for her Master of Science degree, Michelle did a full analysis and documentation of the power of Touch for Health and the Five Element Theory from Tradition Chinese Medicine within the Tai Chi movement system. As a movement specialist this has proven to be invaluable for finding ways to reach out to the public about moving well to feel well. Her experience with assisting clients with hips and knee replacements will be shared.

Michelle can be reached at on Youtube:
On the podcast: Be Well with Michelle Greenwell on Spotify and Buzzsprout
and at

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  • Author: Michelle Greenwell