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Men's Health Week - Wellness Tips to Help Men Thrive!

  • Michelle Greenwell
  • Jun 9, 2021

When CanBeWell set out to bring together the presentations supporting men and their health, it became apparent that there were limited resources available and that much of the media sharing centers around suicide prevention and mental wellness. These are very important topics at the forefront for men at this time, but there are also the little things that men can do to stay well and to thrive before reaching the crisis point that is in the media. The experience of our presenters for this FREE Public Webinar centers around their experience in their clinical experience, as well as in their wellness classes. We hope you enjoy the tips and tools that have been put together to highlight how men can support their self-care.

Greg became a Registered Massage Therapist in 1992 and became certified in Touch for Health. He has since taken many other certificate courses in healing modalities. These include Applied Physiology, Leap Brain Integration Therapy, Stress Indicator Point System, K-Power, Body Management, Jaw Reset, Rhythmic Movement Training for reflex integration, and many others comprising over 90 certificates of training. He is a very passionate and inspirational instructor of Touch for Health and more than 20 other bioenergetic wellness modalities.
Avid about nutrition and good water to support the body, Greg was our recent workshop presenter on using BioEnergetic Wellness techniques like muscle monitoring and biofeedback to create the optimum nutritional recipe for the body. He is the creator of the 4-part DVD series on how to Muscle Monitor effectively, and is sought after for his expertise on strong skill development for bioenergetic wellness facilitators. His extensive background with decades working with clients has provided him with a wealth of knowledge about balance for wellness, and his success stories would blow your mind.

Greg can be reached at

Dana has been dancing professionally since was ten years old, and has extensive ballet, modern and folkdance training. In 1977, he founded Sun.Ergos, A Company of Theatre and Dance with actor, Robert Greenwood, and since then has performed and taught in 25 countries. Working as an Artist in Residence in several countries, he has developed work exploring the relationship between words, images, and movement to create choral/movement pieces from poetry. His focus has been to help people develop movement literacy.
Always fascinated by the connection between the brain and the body, Dana has been practicing Educational Kinesthetics for the past 32 years and received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Educational Kinesiology Foundation for facilitating the translation of Brain Gym® into Croatian and bringing the work to Croatia during their war for independence. He is a licensed Instructor/Consultant of Brain Gym®, Movement Exploration and Dominance Factor with additional training in Rhythmic Movement Training, Reflex Integration and Developmental Kinesiology. Dana has drawn on his knowledge and experience to create Brain Body Fitness classes which help seniors improve awareness, balance and coordination, and Joy of Movement classes for children, as well as teaching certificate Brain Gym® and Movement Exploration courses. Dana has melded his passion for the arts with his bioenergetic wellness tools to create a supportive set of programs for people of all ages to thrive with.

Dana can be reached at:

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  • Source: Presentation Committee
  • Author: Michelle Greenwell