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Denise Cambiotti presents for the Shift into Wellness Synergy Summit - Pre-Summit Series

  • Michelle Greenwell
  • Oct 12, 2021

Denise Cambiotti

Denise loves helping people improve physical and emotional function and reduce pain. She makes key concepts simple so that healers and individuals can learn and apply bioenergetic wellness methods to complement their lives.

Denise is endlessly fascinated about wellness, the body, and the mind. She's President of Muscle Tuners International Inc., a partner organization of ...

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Scarlett Lewis presents for the Shift into Wellness Synergy Summit - Pre-Summit Series

  • Michelle Greenwell
  • Oct 12, 2021

Scarlett Lewis is a mother of a child, Jesse Lewis, murdered during the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in December of 2012. At the time of the tragedy, several organizations came into Newtown Connecticut to assist survivors, parents, teachers, and community by sharing bioenergetic wellness tools and programs through special trauma teams. Scarlett was introduced to the tools from Emotional Freedom ...

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Focus on Self Care to Feel Good with Scarlett Lewis of the Choose Love Movement

  • Scarlett Lewis
  • Oct 7, 2021

Most of us often operate at breakneck speed and do for others, at the detriment of our own Wellness, but this fall, let's take care of ourselves first and focus on self-care to enable us to be present for those we love, strengthen our immune system, and give ourselves a greater capacity for others.
Here are ten ways to approach life that will lead you toward flourishing:

1. Be present. The majority ...

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Shift into Wellness Goals and Objectives

  • Michelle Greenwell
  • Sep 22, 2021

CanBeWell and Knowlative

Welcome the World
with the First

“Shift into Wellness Synergy Summit”

What are the Goals and Objectives of the Summit through the CanBeWell and Knowlative viewpoints?

1. To create conversations and develop experience with the expanded terminology that BioEnergetic Wellness creates.
2. To assist the world with getting to know our profession better and to be using the tools every day in every household. ...

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Shift into Wellness Pre-Summit Launch

  • Michelle Greenwell
  • Sep 20, 2021

The Shift into Wellness Synergy Summit is approaching quickly. We are just a few weeks away from the start of an incredible voyage of discovery. If you have been thinking about registering, but weren't sure, please don't delay. We launch the Pre-Summit activities this week to get you started. Be ready to spread your wings, expand your vision, embrace goals and objectives that have been whispers ...

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